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…is led by Michael Kasten who is an an impassioned thinker with formal education in Mindfulness Meditation.

He is a Certified Meditation Instructor and Advisory Board Member of The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc., a Certified Teacher of Transformation Meditation, and has worked for 14 years encouraging individuals towards good health as a Certified Personal Trainer.

He has a long history of selfless service as a leader in various non-profit organizations, and has been an active role-model in both civic and civil service. He is a prolific writer, lecturer and has presented Mindfulness Meditation workshops, seminars and lectures at many different psychological and medical conferences. 

He  is also enthusiastically engaged in the study of the cognitive sciences, with particular interest in neuroscience, neurobiology, neuropsychology and neuroplasticity.

Michael has helped many people in the private, public and business world find their way onto a “contemplative path” and continues on his own journey toward enriching openness of insight and inquiry into a wide variety of scientific, ethical and contemplative studies.

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